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Let's reduce your pain, release your tension, prevent injuries, make you recover faster and achieve your goals



Active and sports people are all welcome in the sports massage studio of Raul in Ljubljana. He offers a personal approach and helps you to reduce pain, release tension, prevent injuries, recover faster and achieve your goals. He works with all kind of sports people, from amateur to professionals. People that bike one time a week with their friends, or athletes preparing for the next olympics. Everybody is welcome at Parmova Ulica 53 for a sports massage.

My name is Raul, born and raised in Belgium and fallen in love with Slovenia. As a runner I have spend a lot of hours on the massage table myself throughout the past years and experienced the benefits on my physical and mental health. So I decided to go and learn the massage skills! I went to school for relaxation massage and sports massage in The Netherlands and I also obtained the diploma of reiki 1 in Belgium. After a short working period in Bohinj and Belgium and with 3 certificats in my bag, I started working mobile for one year in the big area of Ljubljana. And in February 2024 I launched my own sports massage studio at Parmova Ulica 53 (5th floor) in Ljubljana. 


Elite athletes or people that just like to hike, people with a stressful life or just with an active lifestyle: everybody deserves a moment of selfcare! I deeply feel this is really my calling and it gives me a lot of fulfillment. So I hope to see you soon on my massage table! 




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